We all like to feel healthy and full of energy. To be able to benefit from your physical capabilities and other, it is worth taking proper care of your body. Proper diet is the first step! But how to maintain in at work? Take a look at our suggestions to help you get into the right habits and identify tasty solutions for everyone.


Protein is one of the most important components for our body. It is responsible for strength and performs vital functions. It is easy to supply by consuming products such as meat and cold cuts. Just add slices of your favourite sausage or eggs to your morning sandwiches. It is important to reach for products that offer a high meat content, e.g. 100 g of Pekpol roast sausage is made from as much as 125 g of pork. Dishes that are easy and convenient to pack are great too. It could be a homemade lecsó with ham or a ham and pasta salad. Both are also great cold.


Are you limiting meat or have you switched to a vegan diet? This does not necessarily mean difficulties of getting enough protein. Pekpol’s extensive range offers various types of vegetable pasties. They can become the perfect addition to your breakfast, whether you choose celery, broccoli, or lentil pate. There is something for everyone!


In addition to the meal itself, pay attention to the regularity of eating and adequate hydration. Eating even the healthiest lunch when you are stressed and in a hurry before your next meeting will not have the desired effect. Minimise snacks too, and when you do reach for them, opt for nuts, fruit, or tasty and healthy smoothies.